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Project Description

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This is a personal project, not endorsed by Singing Rock.

All the ads are drafts (that is why they feature me in a few of them).
The movie posted at the end was shot in one hour, using a low-entry camera. Its sole purpose is to give a direction to the real movie-directors.

I do hope you enjoy it.

safety builds confidence

This is what you would expect to see for a climbing helmet advertisement. A middle-aged man, bold and confident, good climbing technique, good image.

It can be expanded by a voice-over telling the story of this man breaking the daily routine.

break the laws

As any other great challenge, climbing is based on the laws of physics. The good climber knows these laws,  but the great one knows how to break them.

This add should show the physics behind climbing. Being for a helmet, the add should feature some technical info and the actual studies that are behind the development of the helmet.

we take testing seriously

The add should build the image of the company. Two actual Research & Development geeks, fooling around the office, playing tricks while testing the helmet (they should have been dressed in lab coats, but by the socks and sandals from one of the actors, you get the point).

It can be expanded to a series of practical jokes made by the 2 characters.

so light

Talking with a few of my climber friends, the main criteria in choosing their helmets was the weight and the comfort factor.

So, this ad builds on these two main qualities. It can be expanded to a series of life events where the helmet should be off the head. (“Honey, can you take your helmet off?“)

so light tv

This is the video i was telling you about in the beginning. Bear in mind, it was filmed in one hour, using a low-entry camera and edited in half an hour on some random free software. It was meant to point into a direction for a real movie-director.

(I wish to remind you that this is a personal project i was working on, not endorsed by Singing Rock. It is not in any way meant for commercial purposes)

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