Time means money

OK, but how much?

Being respected citizens with very few ideas (mainly fixed) we tried to figure out, based on our experience and this calculator, how much time would take to create a brand logo with the following moral requirements:

I know my company name: 0 Hrs

I want a meaningful logo: 8 – 12 Hrs

I want the colors of my logo to relate to a corporate identity: 1 – 3Hrs

I want a color scheme for a consistent identity: 4 – 6 Hrs

I want to see X concepts: 2 – 4 Hrs/concept

I want concepts for cards, letterhead, and other collateral material: 4 Hours

I want concepts to show how my logo would appear on billboards, vehicles, and print advertising: 5 Hours

I need it in no more than 3 weeks: 6 Hrs

We spread it a little bit, because in design, just like in life, some projects are easier, some are harder.

That leads up to an average of 35 hrs / project.

So next time somebody says my budget is 250 Euros, feel free to send them a link to here and tell them that in 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the U.S. has declared that the average hourly wage of a graphic designer is 23.85$.

So, what do you want for 7.14 hours?

Choose wisely:

fast cheap and good

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